Your Custom Fiberglass Solution

Some of our Products

Our enclosures, boxes and cabinets are used in a several different industries including, oil and gas, solar, marine, electrical, refrigeration and cooler (walk-in or portable).

Our traps/interceptors can accommodate any working capacity needed and can be made for either above ground or in ground.

Some of our hospitality products include: beer bins, table extenders, insulated sinks, cold storage and fish cleaning stations.

Our trays are used for chemical and secondary containment for spills of any nature.

Our live fish transport and hauling tanks can accommodate any needs.

Our washers/plates/isolators can be custom made to fit your needs and come in any shape desired.

Repair work includes boats, utility and lift buckets, boom repair, truck hoods, school bus hoods, bumpers, hatch covers, pools and slides, marine valves, tubs and showers and RVs and trailers.

Truck bed linings, motorcycle fuel tank and component covers and outdoor planters are a few examples of custom projects.