Custom Fiberglass Products for Every Purpose in Harvey, LA

Jefferson Fiberglass is a custom fiberglass manufacturer with experience across the Gulf Coast region. We design, build, and repair all types of fiberglass products to suit almost any application. Our solutions are durable and versatile, whether they’re used in restaurants, shipyards, oil, gas, and chemical industries, or even in home garages.

Industrial Custom Fiberglass Products

From marine applications to construction sites, fiberglass is the material of choice for many industries. Our custom boxes and enclosures offer reliable, non-corrosive storage solutions for batteries, tools, safety equipment, and materials, and our made-to-order drip and spill containment trays are ideal for chemical, oil, and gas applications. We also create high-quality washers, plates, and isolators for various applications. Marine-based industries rely on our versatile fiberglass transport tanks to move live fish of all sizes from one location to another.

Products for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels, restaurants, and lounges depend on Jefferson Fiberglass products in their daily operations. Our insulated drip-free coolers and refrigeration units keep ingredients and beverages at just the right temperature, whether it’s behind the bar, in the kitchen, or on the patio. We design custom drip-free ice coolers in all sizes with an assortment of features, and our grease traps and oil interceptors are must-haves for food preparation.

Expert Fiberglass Repair in Harvey, LA

We’re the region’s premier choice for high-quality fiberglass repairs. Let us bring new life to your old tubs and showers, or call our knowledgeable repair team out to revitalize your pool. We repair fiberglass slides, boats, RVs, and trailers, and we have plenty of experience with commercial repairs on marine valves, hatch covers, utility buckets, booms, and vehicle bumpers.

Jefferson Fiberglass is your one-stop solution for all your custom fiberglass products and repairs. From truck bed liners to sno-ball machines, we can create a product that suits your exact specifications. Tell us about your custom needs, and let’s get started.

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